About us

About us

The business

We are a corporation specializing in car detailing achieving excellent, high-quality results with the best tools and products on the market, as well as using skilled techniques thanks to more than 10 years of experience.

Our mission

To give our clients a high quality professional service with the utmost transparency when it comes to price and quality.

Our vision

To be considered one of the 3 best car detailing centers on the market. Maintaining our client loyalty for more than 12 months as well as 100% satisfaction exceeding our clients’ expectations.


About Us

Andry Cruz

CEO – Founderwww.car-washdetil.com

Founder – Corporation ”Car Wash DetiL” Technician in industrial chemistry. Graduated 12th Grade. Nowadays, specialist in car detailing.

Why should I choose Car Wash DetaiL?

The why is simple, we want to save you time and money with Car Wash DetaiL, providing you with the highest quality service.
In addition to being an active registered corporation in the state of Florida that confirms our business is serious, responsible and legitimate. www.sunbiz.org/carwashdetail   www.sunbiz.org/carwashdetail has plenty of other reasons why you should pick us:


Save with us
We have the best prices on the market guaranteed and you can check online as well as offline too.


We keep up with the latest advances, innovations and our tools are the best and most cutting edge on the market.

Methods of payment
We accept various methods of payment to suit you. Debit/Credit card, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.

Added value:
We have years of experience in services such as shampooing, waxing, polishing, Clay Bar, removing marks, polishing headlights, removing stains on carpets and seats – a full range of detailing services.

Make an appointment
Here you can schedule an appointment with Car Wash DetaiL.

Customer Service
You can contact us via all possible channels, our philosophy and policies are thought out so that you, the customer, benefits.

Our services are thought out and structured to suit everyone’s budget from basic (Silver Wash) to the full works (Full DetaiL).

No contract necessary
At Car Wash DetaiL, call when you need our service and we will provide you the best service without binding you to a contract.

You can see all of our services on our web page www.car-washdetail.com/services-prices where you can find all our services and prices with complete transparency.


Personalized approach
For a personalized service, speak with me, Andry, directly.




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